viernes, 24 de marzo de 2017


The Rodrigo Times.

The last thursday, with my class, we called a school of Massachussets, Medford.
The call was very funny, but we needed a bit of planning too, a bit, but a bit, Well, my opinion is this, was very funny and needed a bit of planning,

The presents was Pa amb tomaquet and Fuet
Well, thats my opinion, i dont have more to say


The Rodrigo Times

martes, 28 de febrero de 2017

My tweet about my sistem

jueves, 26 de enero de 2017

This is my invention

The Rodrigo Times

Hi friends, welcome to my blog, The Rodrigo times, a little diary of my little adventure in GS ( Global Scholars ) And obviously, i need to talk about us of a theme, and the theme now is my invention, i thinked about a system of irrigation automatic, that's have a system to make the objetive at the 2:00am

¿What do you think? A good idea? ¿No, right? Well!

¡Bye, friends, that's my blog, The Rodrigo Times!